You process it and we keep you in compliance.


Our services are available to land-based and at-sea processors, warehouses, and importers.

Domestic and Import Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Programs
- Developing, auditing and consulting services for all seafood products and other food commodities.

Quality Assurance Programs - Developing, auditing and consulting services to meet third-party audit requirements, including sanitation, recall, calibration, training, glass, food security and the various other required programs.

Good Manufacturing Programs - Policies for employees.

Food Security - Evaluating of the processing facility and developing the program.

FDA Inspections - Consulting services before, during and after the inspection.

Laboratory Services - Microbiological and chemical analyses, including product and environmental samples.  Sampling services are available.

Sensory Evaluation - Our associate is the retired FDA national international sensory expert.

FDA Imports - Detention and Alert List consultation, sampling and analytical services.  Form 766 submissions and representation. 

US Agent - For foreign food manufacturers.  Free to our clients. 

Training - HACCP, sanitation, sensory evaluation, preparation for audits and inspections.  Our training cadre includes a certified Association of Food and Drug Officers (AFDO) HACCP trainer, and the retired FDA national and international sensory expert.   








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