Once upon a time...

Our Story

Seafood Inspection Services was established in the early 1990's to meet the increasing demands for independent third-party product evaluations and processing plant inspections.  In the late 1990's the services were expanded to consult and assist the seafood industry to meet the emerging food safety regulations mandated by the US Food and Drug Administration.  More recently, microbiological, chemical and sensory analytical services were made available.

Seafood Inspection Services has always been a family-owned and operated business.  In 2006, the company was re-organized as CERCo HACCP Consulting, dba Seafood Inspection Services, to reflect the change in ownership and management by retired US Food and Drug Administration experts in Domestic and Import Seafood Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Programs and other regulated food commodities.

Since that time, the company's consultation and analytical services have evolved to assist a variety of domestic and international food manufacturers.  Just ask our clients in Trinidad, China, Thailand....
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